Dead End Crossing

So here is part of my class project, the part explaining how to create a panoramic view. (We had to have a page for opening photoshop and saving a picture as well.)

A key point that we did forget to put in our booklet(that these pictures come from) is:

You will need at least three pictures. They must all be taken at the same height. If you have trouble with this, use a tripod. Also make sure the pictures overlap some.

We used CS6 but I know you can go back at least as far as CS2 to do this, though each program may be a little different so play around with it.

I gave you three examples of finished views. The top two are from my art building computer room. The longest picture took about ten pictures, so get creative and take lots of pictures. the bottom three are various pictures from my room.

Remember to play around and experiment! I want to try having myself or a friend in each picture I take and link them all together. I think it would be a delight!

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